Imagination Wall

Baby perfume - spotted in China
Suitcases with something to say - from Samsonite
A better way to vac - spotted at Shanghai airport
Rarer varieties of familiar plants are making their way into UK supermarkets
There's a #SleepRevolution coming as more is revealed about the importance of sleep
Cold-pressed beauty ingredients that retain more skin-friendly nutrients
China is still a nation that believes in living by the rules
Data safe phone handset recycling booth in Shanghai. April 2016
For young Chinese, getting a job that pays well is seen as essential for a happy future
'Big eyes' photo booth - spotted and tested by the boom team in Shanghai April 2016
WeChat users in China can shake their phones to find friends nearby and to 'like' locations
Traditional art with a digital twist - Shanghai April 2016
Poetry bombing in Shanghai
In China, walking backwards is thought to be four times better exercise than walking forwards.
Sunday morning drum playing in the park - Shanghai April 2016
Poems written in water on the park pavements of Shanghai
Tea is an inside:outside beauty and skincare ingredient in China. April 2016
Rose as a food flavour. Spotted in Shanghai - April 2016
For Chinese teenagers, schoolwork rules as the pressure to get a well-paid job starts to mount
An underground shopping mall in Shanghai popular as a weekend hangout for teens
Yoghurt as entertainment. Spotted in Shanghai by the boom team - April 2016
Chinese brands are starting to create characters to help them tell stories and entertain
Characters turn everyday items such as tea flasks into something cool for China's teens to be seen carrying
Add you own beauty boosters. Spotted by the boom team on a BA flight to Asia - April 2016